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Entry #1

Why I'm here

2010-04-30 16:11:22 by jobskid

While browsing around the audio section I realised that some (most) of the people here need reality check. And I'm gonna bring it.

+ trolling is fun


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2010-04-30 18:45:55

I think you should put up or shut up...
Where's your shit?
I don't see anything in here but a child with nothin to do but whine....
Do you even know how to wipe your own ass?????
I doubt that!!!!!!
You've got no age and you say you're a male ....Male what? Male cocksucker??

jobskid responds:

I see you're a local comedian. Wanna check if my ass is clean? I can showel it up your face - I bet you'll enjoy that, you shitface. Oh, and feel free to use the tongue. Right in the middle.

And no worries, the shit is coming too


2010-04-30 20:59:53

Really? Can't talk shit when you ain't got nothing to show for yourself.

Trolling bitch, NG has more than enough of you.

jobskid responds:

Here's another whining maggot. And what a coincidence, your music sucks ass too. You fuckers vote on your own songs, get 10 and 9 for nothing and think that your generic crap is supercool. Time to wake up.

My stuff is awaiting approval, so don't cry


2010-05-02 23:38:06

You may have given my song a shit score/review, but the results of this are too funny to hate.

Good ol' Newground dumbfucks.

jobskid responds:

The piece of shit music makes me laugh too. Especially if people think it's any good. And if I gave you a bad score/review then you probably deserved that. So congrats (handshake)


2010-05-03 12:29:22

Oh you troll


2010-05-25 17:02:13

0.27 vs my average of 3 or better on my songs says otherwise, home slice.

Make something good, then talk.

Put up or shut up fag.

jobskid responds:

Do you really think that the higher score equals better song? God, you're a bigger idiot than i thought. Now keep your mouth wide open and spread those cheeks. That way your average can go even higher.


2010-05-26 17:02:51

It means its better liked tool.

Why would you come to a community to have a song rated if the rating doesn't reflect the quality? :/

Generally a better song is better received. If that weren't the case, my god you'd be right, all my songs are shit. But I have people actually favoriting my shit. Until you can say the same, me leaving these comments is just a nice little bonus too see how you'll lose your head.

By the way, nice touch at trying to 0 down all of my submissions. Seems like someone needs to hop off the goat and find a girl. <3

(Updated ) jobskid responds:

You want me to repeat that again? You getting faved is another consequence for doing blowjobs and stretching your tight little asshole (which, by the way, is not that tight anymore).

Wanna leave your comments here? Be my guest. By the way, I'm glad you liked my touch on your scores. I think we should repeat that again someday. Actually.. I want you to meet my old pal Mr. Script here. He is really excited to meet your shitty tunes. In fact, he is meeting them right now!

Have fun fuck-o


2010-05-30 20:49:43

You made a script for me. Oh, Joy <3

Please. Hop off the Goat and find a girl.

You must be some kind of lowly child and or fag to sit there and write up a script to knock my scores simply because I called you out for trolling. You know. If you were really good, you would've already hacked my account and raped it.

Please, newfag, go die in a fire until you learn real script.

Sexual favours? You need to learn to let go of the fact that you suck. HARD. Move past it. I used to be pitiful like you. Until I realized that I didn't like being a lonely little spitfuck who writes scripts for Newgrounds and thinks that scores on a rating site don't matter.

You're a bloody walking contradiction. A cancer on the asscrack of society.

Go get laid.